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I am the founder, publisher, and for ten years was editor-in-chief and executive director of the Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB), a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 and dedicated to promoting and disseminating rigorous, incisive, and engaging writing on every aspect of literature, culture, and the arts.  The LARB main website at its height published three to five longform reviews, essays, and interviews every day, 365 days a year as well as more pieces on our blog (BLARB), and dozens in our Channels program, independently edited websites. I also founded the LARB Quarterly Journal, the LARB Radio Hour, the LARB Publishing Workshop, and LARB Books. We also produce a series of events year-round. (The blog has now been discontinued and the number of daily pieces on the main site cut in half LARB Books has suspended releasing new titles). The editor-in-chief is now Michelle Chihara and the executive director is Irene Yoon.)

I have edited essays, reviews, essays, fiction, and poetry for the website and the journal, have edited audio and video for the website, radio program, and podcasts, and have edited many collections of articles from LARB and books for our book line. I have also edited many articles for other publications, guest edited issues of academic journals, and a book, These ‘Colored’ United States: African American Essays from the 1920s.