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Some interviews:

In the Spotlight: Tom Lutz” with Nanda Dyssou on Association of Writers and Writing Programs (2/4/2021)

Tom Lutz – “Born Slippy” with Rex Weiner on I Read Your Book And… (7/17/2020)

Names, Thrills, and Sociopaths: Tom Lutz on Writing Born Slippy” with Tobias Carroll in Vol. 1 Brooklyn (4/21/2020)

▶ “How Editor-in-Chief of the LA Review of Books Tom Lutz Writes” with Kelton Reid on The Writer Files Podcast (4/2/2020)

▶ “Tom Lutz on The Arts Show” with Mike Madden on The Arts Show Podcast (3/25/2020)

▶ “Tom Lutz on The Constantly Changing Landscape of Publishing” with Mindy McGinnis on Writer Writer Pants on Fire Podcast (3/23/2020)

Tom Lutz” on Guest Authors (3/21/2020)

‘Sexually fluid, lazy, overprivileged suburbanites’ Tom Lutz of the LA Review of Books eviscerates America” on The Big Smoke (3/7/2020)

▶ “73: Tom Lutz, Professor, Writer & Founder of The Los Angeles Review of Books” with Jessica Sinsheimer and Julie Kingsley on The Manuscript Academy Podcast (3/6/2020)

▶ “Tom Lutz: Born Slippy” with Omar Shamout on The Creator State (3/3/2020)

▶ “Books To Read feat. Tom Lutz” with Chris Royster on IMTM Worldwide Radio (2/29/2020)

▶ “Ep. 4 Tom Lutz” with Koral Dasgupta on iCafe’s Book Lounge (2/25/2020)

▶ “Literary LA: Janet Fitch on Kate Braverman; and Tom Lutz’s Slippy Debut” with Kate Wolf and Medaya Ocher on the LARB Radio Hour (2/22/2020)

▶ “A Conversation with Tom Lutz” with Tony DuShane on Drinks with Tony (2/19/2020)

Interview with Tom Lutz, Author of Born Slippy” on Olio by Marilyn (2/17/2020)

▶ “The Lizy T Show with International Author Tom Lutz” with Lizy on The LizyT Show (2/7/2020)

▶ “Interview – Tom Lutz” with David Serero on The Culture News Podcast (2/7/2020)

▶ “Submitting for Book Reviews” with Dr. Judith Briles on the Author YOU – Your Guide to Book Publishing Podcast (2/6/2020)

Born Slippy (Author Interview)” on Book Inform (2/4/2020)

Author Interview: Born Slippy” on Fans of Fiction (2/3/2020)

Author Interview with Tom Lutz (Born Slippy)” on Share Goblin (2/2/2020)

Love it or Leave it with Tom Lutz” by Amy Metz for A Blue Million Books (1/28/2020)

Author Interview with Tom Lutz” in Writer’s Life Magazine (1/24/2020)

Interview with Tom Lutz, author of Born Slippy: A Novel” by Kim Smith for Writer Groupie (1/22/2020)

▶ “Bernie v. Warren w/ Meyerson; A Report from Hong Kong w/ Wasserstrom; ‘Born Slippy‘ – Tom Lutz” with Jon Wiener on the Trump Watch Podcast (1/17/2020)

Ask the Author: Tom Lutz” by Maddie White on her blog (1/17/2020)

Author Meet & Greet!: Tom Lutz” by Sue Rovens for Plump Toad Press (1/16/2020)

After Hours Capitalism: On Tom Lutz’s ‘Born Slippy’” by Howard A. Rodman for Los Angeles Review of Books (1/15/2020)

A Version of Me If I Had Taken a Different Path” by Amy Brady for Chicago Book Review (1/15/2020)

Born Slippy by Tom Lutz / #Interview @tomlutz22” by Els Ebraert for B for Book Reviews (1/15/2020)

Steph Cha and Tom Lutz Talk Noir in The 21st Century” by Steph Cha and Tom Lutz for Crime Reads (1/14/2020)

The Transcendental Professor: Interview with Tom Lutz” by Patrick A. Howell for The Nasiona (12/14/2018)

▶ “Author Tom Lutz on how vacation season brings out Americans’ inner slacker– and inner workaholic” with Patt Morrison for her podcast Patt Morrison Asks (8/21/2018)

Meet Tom Lutz of Los Angeles Review of Books in Hollywood” for Voyage LA (5/15/2018)

Our Legacy of Slackers” with Kai Ryssdal for Marketplace (6/14/2016)

Tom Lutz and the ‘Los Angeles Review of Books’ set out to create a new model of literary review” by Jeffrey J. Williams for The Chronicle of Higher Education (1/3/2016)

The Studio of Literature: An Interview with Tom Lutz” with Jeffrey J. Williams for Symploke Journal (2/7/2015)

L.A Review of Books Founder Tom Lutz on White Broncos and Angst Al Fresco” for Paper Magazine (10/21/2013)

My Daily Read: Tom Lutz” for The Chronicle of Higher Education (5/18/2012)

Simon Winchester event benefits LA Review of Books, interview with Tom Lutz” with Patt Morrison for livetalksla.org (11/3/2010)


Below are some websites that were kind enough to feature Born Slippy. Thank you.

Slip Knot” on Review 31 (3/29/2020)

Born Slippy: A Novel by Tom Lutz Book Review” on Gwendalyn’s Books (3/5/2020)

An Excerpt From Born Slippy by Tom Lutz” on Reader Dad (2/28/2020)

Review – Born Slippy by Tom Lutz” on Olio by Marilyn (2/17/2020)

Born Slippy by Tom Lutz” on Fantastic Fiction (2/17/2020)

Born Slippy: A Novel by Tom Lutz” excerpt on A Knight’s Reads (2/13/2020)

Born Slippy by Tom Lutz: A Review” on Over Coffee Conversations (2/10/2020)

Tom Lutz fights for L.A. publishing, this time as a novelist” on Los Angeles Times (2/9/2020)

Born Slippy by Tom Lutz” on Book Promotion Library (2/9/2020)

Excerpt – Born Slippy by Tom Lutz” on Storeybook Reviews (2/8/2020)

Born Slippy – Tom Lutz #bookexcerpt #BornSlippyNovel #TomLutz” on Jessica Belmont’s blog (2/8/2020)

The Reading Room” on Wiltshire Living Magazine (2/6/2020)

Born Slippy” on Adventure Authors (2/3/2020)

Born Slippy” on Working Mommy Journal (2/3/2020)

Born Slippy” on Book Fight Club (1/31/2020)

Born Slippy” on Readers’ Village (1/29/2020)

Born Slippy” on Perfect Book Promotion (1/27/2020)

Born Slippy” on Download This Book (1/26/2020)

Born Slippy” on The E-Bookie (1/25/2020)

Born Slippy Book Review” on Book Corner News & Reviews (1/24/2020)

Born Slippy” on Sasquatch Books (1/24/2020)

▶ “Tom Lutz, ‘BORN SLIPPY’ w/ Steph Cha” on the Skylight Books Author Reading Series (1/22/2020)

Born Slippy by Tom Lutz: Giveaway” on Teddyrose Book Reviews Plus (1/22/2020)

Born Slippy” on the Mystery and Thriller Library (1/21/2020)

Born Slippy” on The Fiction Addiction (1/20/2020)

Born Slippy #BornSlippyNovel – Tom Lutz @TomLutz22, an #Excerpt @RepeaterBooks” on The Magic of Wor(l)ds (1/19/2020)

Taken by the Other People” on Crime Fiction Lover (1/17/2020)

Born Slippy: An excerpt of the novel by Tom Lutz” on Guernica (1/16/2020)

Tom Lutz Reads from His Debut Novel Born Slippy with Steph Cha” on Discover LA (1/16/2020)

Tom Lutz Reads ‘Born Slippy’” on Los Angeleno (1/16/2020)

Notable Los Angeles: 1/13–1/19” on The Rumpus (1/13/2020)

From hidden histories to jungle adventures: 5 book talks for the week ahead” on Los Angeles Times (1/10/2020)

Vol.1 Brooklyn’s January 2020 Book Preview” on Vol. 1 Brooklyn (1/6/2020)

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