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This workshop started in 2015, from my belief that the publishing industry needed more economic, racial, gender, and other diversity. In its third year, the LARB/USC Publishing Workshop is an intensive publishing course emphasizing innovation and entrepreneurship.

LARB USC Publishing Workshop Flyer

The LARB/USC Publishing Workshop exists to revolutionize the publishing industry from the ground up by increasing access, facilitating change, and inspiring invention through the recruitment, training, and mentorship of early-career talent from diverse backgrounds.

The heart of the Publishing Workshop is an intensive three-week summer program on USC’s campus. Workshop Fellows meet Monday-Friday, from 10am-5pm, and are strongly encouraged to attend all workshop sessions and events. Fellows receive a thorough overview of the publishing industry and new insights, skills, and connections that will help them identify how and where they may fit within it.

Fellows participating in the five-week nonresidential Project Incubator have a clear sense of their project and their goals for its continued development. They will receive individual professional mentors and tailored seminars that reflect the particular demands of each venture. Through regular conferencing with their mentors and online interaction with other entrepreneurs and experts, Incubator Fellows will receive guidance, resources, and evaluation toward the completion of a fully articulated business and development plan and/or the launch of a business or project prototype. The Incubator can also help take an existing project or business to the next level.

We offer a large number of tuition-free and reduced tuition scholarships — making the program affordable for all qualified applicants. By increasing accessibility to people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, we can have a profound impact on the future of publishing — and thus a profound impact on our culture itself.

If you are interested in supporting the Future of Publishing, please consider making a donation to sponsor a LARB/USC Publishing Workshop Fellow. You can contact me or Irene Yoon about this.